Who Are Leeds Translations?

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Leeds Translations is a UK based provider of translation, interpretation, and multilingual marketing services for a variety of organisations and associations as well as individual clients.

Newly launched, Leeds Translations is a great looking website that has been created to accommodate and connect users across the globe with an easy to use user interface.

CMS WordPress was the chosen platform for this project as it allows the Leeds Translations team to keep up with the site without hardly lifting a finger and is also one of the friendliest development platforms available for SEO.

While being a very simple website, it needed to have a classy and high-end feel to it, so the use of elegant textual styles and slow fade-in effects on various design elements from black and white to colour had to be extremely precise and very well defined.

Developed with WordPress, this great looking website makes use of a minimalist design layout and corporate colours.

Features of this custom web design include…

After Launch

Leeds Translations keep on going from strength to strength with their business, and since the launch of the website the company has been performing very well.

Leeds Translations continue working with us and use our website support services to ensure their website stays up to date and secure from hackers.


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